Toscolano 1831: The fragrance...

Through its fragrances, Terre del Garda is your key to all the emotions of the unique Lake Garda area, steeped in history and tradition.

Toscolano 1381 tells the story of a major, ancient tradition built around paper, with a unique set of sensations.

The birth of a tradition ...

We started from a date, 1381, when a deed certifies the presence of paper mills along the Toscolano stream.

A document that shares the waters of the stream, which runs between Maderno and Toscolano, between the paper mills which used it so intensively.

.... the Valley of Paper Mills

Due to the skills of the local paper makers and the ideal environmental conditions, the paper made at Toscolano was the best anywhere in Italy. In the late 16 century, Toscolano became known as the Valley of Paper Mills, and even exported its paper to the Far East.

a history in decline ...

However, as the industrial era dawned, Toscolano’s paper makers clung firmly to a craft tradition and refused to introduce the innovative machinery which would have increased output.

Andrea Caratti Photography

... rebirth with Toscolano 1381

A small business in the heart of the Valley of Paper Mills has decided to restore the area’s great paper-making tradition by once again producing hand-made paper, training young Master Paper-Makers and producing fine prints in accordance with the ancient tradition.


Terre del Garda has decided to support this wonderful tradition by recounting it in a different way, with a fragrance, Toscolano 1381.

A fragrance that expresses the splendour of a long-ago age.