Tassoni 225

A touch of citrus fruit energy, accompanied by delicate floral notes, embodies the strength and vitality acquired over 225 years of great enterprise.

Olfactory Piramid

Green Lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot, Citron

Basil, Lilac, Iris, Thyme, Spicy Notes, Cedar Wood

Olive Wood, Mosses, Aromatic Green Notes

Choose your fragrance to match your spirit

Inspired by the creativity of cocktails mixing, we have come up with a perfume that lets you choose and combine 3 fragrances, to create 4 unique perfumes.

embodies the unique energy of citrus.

TASSONI 225 combined with PEPPER,
for a mystery-laden cocktail.

TASSONI 225 combined with FIG,
for a sweet elixir.

TASSONI 225 combined with PEPPER and FIG, for a unique fragrance.