Everything starts in Saló...

In this nothern part of the world you can find the citrus groves; a territory where citrus fruits arrive, according to the tradition, since 1300 starting with the Fransican friars.
Since 1700, the apothecaries of Riviera del Gardone have been making the most of the cedar, extracting the aroma of the peel with a hydro alcoholic fusion.

A unique story...

The tradition of distilling hydro alcoholic infusions made from cedar, a family with a history of two century.
In 1973, in Saló, on the Brescian shores of Lake Garda, among the suggestive landscapes and singular terraces, was born Cedral Tassoni, the jewel of the peninsula.

The Cedral Tassoni

From 1956 to the present day, the Cedral Tassoni has accompanied the history of the Italians in the famous transparent glass bottle, with its inimitable taste and cedar aroma.

The unique fragrance of Cedrata Tassoni meets the romantic perfumes of Terre del Garda in TASSONI 225. The result is amazing: a cocktail of vibrant personality, unique when combined with the Fig and Pepper layers.