From nightfall to morning, the Peler flatters the lake’s waters, drawing three small ripples on its surface.
This is the signature of this wind, which blows from northern to central Garda and bestows all its intensity on the fragrance.


Delicate and exuberant, capable of expressing the land’s citrusy fragrances together with the exquisite floral perfumes of the lakesides, with a heart as strong and vigorous as a musk-laden wind.

Olfactory Pyramid

Red Mandarin Orange, Orange, Lemon,
Bergamot, Bitter Orange

Aquatic Blend, Posidonia, Coriander,
White Oleander, Rosemary Flower,
Wild Juniper, Rose, Fresia

Patchouli, Red Cedar, White Mosses,
Oak Wood, Seaweed, Amber