A Long history…

a great Family, the love of Lake Garda, a passion for nature, the urge to share the beauty of a unique location, the desire to hand down the Lake’s magic to future generations: this is the perfect spell that binds together GARDA ISLAND and TERRE DEL GARDA. A rich source of essences for you to discover…

Isola del Garda

Also known as Borghese Cavazza Island or the Island of Monks. It is said that around 1220 it was Saint Francis of Assisi himself who planted the first citrus trees on the island, the same citron, lemon and orange trees which can still be admired there today

in search of silence …

Over time, this small strip of land became a refuge for those in search of silence, solitude and peace. Dante himself recorded his memories of Lake Garda for us, in lines 67-69 of Canto XX of the Inferno:

“loco è nel mezzo, là dove ‘l trentino
Pastore e quel di Brescia e ‘l veronese
Segnar porìa s’è fesse quel cammino.”

nature and the heart

The lovely villa concealed amongst elegant gardens in the Italian and English styles was not built until the early 20th Century.

Expressing her love of nature and flowers, Lady Charlotte, wife of Camillo Cavazza, created a fine collection of brightly coloured flowers and antique roses of rare beauty.

the coat of arms

symbolises the union of two major dynasties: the Borghese on the right, with the golden dragon below and the crowned eagle of the Hapsburgs above it, and the Cavazza on the left, with a pomegranate tree with its golden fruit below and above it a pelican feeding its offspring with its own blood, symbolising piety and self-sacrifice.
In fact, the Cavazza family founded an institute for the blind in Bologna which is still in operation today.

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